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ezGEL is the hottest new non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment. The ezGEL’s 100% natural enhancer uses your own blood to volumize and rejuvenate tissues.

Everyone’s skin ages, but few people really understand why that occurs. A major cause of skin aging is changes in the dermal extracellular matrix, the framework that organizes skin tissues and plays a significant role in cell growth, cell movement, and other actions. Through the filtering, reenergizing, and reinfusing of blood that flows through these vital tissues, all-natural autologous therapies like ezGEL can achieve effective, natural-looking results.




In most cases, 2-4 ezGEL treatments are needed six to eight weeks apart. Depending on your individual goals, we will recommend how many treatments you need.

You won’t see results immediately, but you will see your skin looking smoother, fuller, and more youthful within several weeks. For optimal results, you may also need additional sessions.

ezGEL produces an immediate volumetric filling effect that lasts for 3–6 months.

You should have no recovery or downtime following your ezGEL treatment. Minor discomfort is normal for a short period of time.

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