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At Bella Jade Medspa, we are all about ensuring our valued patients enjoy optimal health and wellness! We are proud to offer XYMOGEN nutraceuticals to delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, and support your overall health! Our fully customized treatment protocols will leave you looking, feeling, and living your best!!

XYMOGEN Nutraceuticals

Innovative Dietary Supplements

Helping individuals achieve their best possible health.

XYMOGEN Nutraceuticals

An Overview

XYMOGEN offers nutritional supplements designed to target your unique needs and optimize your body’s functions. The family-owned health science company is dedicated to creating innovative product formulations only available through licensed healthcare professionals to ensure you get the right supplements that address your unique needs.

XYMOGEN’s nutraceuticals provide safe and effective solutions for most common wellness concerns. The products are highly effective because they are grounded in innovative research and the latest clinical nutrition and functional medicine breakthroughs. We, at Bella Jade Medspa, are committed to providing our valued patients with nothing but the best. We proudly offer XYMOGEN nutraceuticals because we trust the product formulations to be the highest quality possible for optimal treatment results.


Caitlin Finn, MSN, FNP-C, our highly trained and experienced provider, will work with you to evaluate your unique needs. She will match you with the supplements that work best to enhance your overall health and quality of life. You can always trust her for outstanding, personalized care!

XYMOGEN has exclusive formulas made with over a quarter century of experience providing safe and quality supplements. The supplements have recently introduced innovations to make their supplements complimentary to your needs.

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