How Acne Scars Fade

How Acne Scars Fade

If you’ve dealt with acne and gotten rid of it, you may feel like you’ve won the battle. But many blemishes stay on your skin long after the problem has gone away. Scars and patches of red skin can last for months or even years, but there are ways to get rid of them and get smooth, even skin again.

Here at Bella Jade Medspa, we’ve figured out ways how you can fade your scars and get perfect and smooth skin. Check out this blog post and see what you can do best for yourself! 

Acne Scars

Acne scarring is a broad term to describe many marks that a breakout can leave behind. There are different kinds of acne scars, like rolling, boxcars, and ice-pick scars.

For instance, most scars can be treated in different ways, but one type needs specialized care. Be aware that keloid scarring, which is more likely in people with darker skin, can make you unable to get treatments like chemical peels and microneedling that work by causing mild trauma to the skin. 

If you have this kind of scarring, you should seea doctor or dermatologist who can give you steroid shots or advice on how to get rid of it.

Why Do Scars Form From Acne?

Acne is usually very noticeable on the surface of the skin. Still, it leaves scars because of what’s happening under the skin. For example, when you have a breakout, there is inflammation under your skin. 

This inflammation hurts the skin tissue, which leaves scars. Whether you get spots and how they look depends on your skin type and the damage. Also, there are two main kinds of scars from acne.

  • Discoloration scarring is when the skin stays darker after a blemish has healed. This is called hyperpigmentation.
  • Indentation scarring is more familiar with severe acne. It happens when the top layer of skin doesn’t heal and grow back, ultimately leaving a hole in the skin.

Most acne scars look like scars that your skin makes in general. For example, some people’s skin changes color more quickly than others. So, scarring can happen even if you don’t pick up your acne, but here’s why you shouldn’t give in to the urge.

Even though acne scars can be caused by inflammation, pinching or squeezing a pimple or whitehead too hard makes the rash worse. This makes it even more likely that scars will form. 

Also, picking at your acne with dirty hands can cause a minor, localized infection or spread your acne to other parts of your skin.

Are Acne Scars Permanent?

Once you have acne scars, there are things you can do to make them less noticeable. The best way to treat scars depends on the type of scars you have. Indentation scars often need more advanced care.

So, start using brightening serums or products with retinol to get rid of hyperpigmentation, which is the darkening of the skin caused by acne scars.

Retinol can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so be careful if you use it. It’s always essential to protect your skin with sunscreen, but it’s even more critical when using a retinol product.

Acne Scar Treatment at Bella Jade Medspa

If you’ve been looking for a way to make acne scars look better, you can count on the team at Bella Jade Medspa to help. We’re proud to offer Scarlet SRF and CosmoPen, two of the most modern ways to eliminate acne. 

Our fully customized treatment options make your skin clear and bright. You’ll love how beautiful the results are!

Scarlet SRF Microneedling & RadioFrequency

Innovative RF Microneedling is a safe and gentle way to eliminate acne scars. This technology works to 

  • Treats all skin types in a safe and effective way
  • It uses the body’s natural ways to heal
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • It clears up acne and makes acne scars less noticeable.
  • Reduces the size of pores
  • It Evens out skin color and texture
  • Improves the health and beauty of the skin
  • Few to no side effects, pain, or downtime.
  • Scars from acne can be seen to look better.

Cosmopen Next-Generation Microneedling Technology 

A medical-grade, high-speed microneedling system that is a real breakthrough! This technology works to

  • Help the body make collagen on its own.
  • Activates the body’s ability to heal wounds
  • It brings more blood to the area being treated.
  • It fills out the skin and makes it thicker, which causes acne scars to be less noticeable.
  • It helps with a wide range of skin problems and improves the delivery of nutrients through the skin. 
  • It also improves the skin’s overall health.

Do My Skin Needs To Be Clear Before Getting Other Treatments?

Yes! Before treating your acne scars, your skin needs to be clear of any spots. Scar medications and treatments can be affected by acne medications and treatments.

Best Treatments For Acne Scars (Other Options)

The best are creams you can buy at the store. Ask your dermatologist who is best for your skin type and the scar you have. There are a lot of good creams on the market. They may have one or more of the following chemicals:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Lactic acid.
  • Retinoids.
  • Salicylic acid.

You can also use facial hair or makeup to hide scars. There are a lot of makeup products you can buy without a prescription. Also, you and your dermatologist will talk about the best ways to treat your acne scars. 

It is not unusual for a patient to need more than one type of procedure or the same procedure more than once.

  • Chemical peels: Special chemicals take off the top layer of old skin in this treatment. When the top layer of skin is taken off, the new skin that grows back is usually smoother and has fewer scars.
  • Dermabrasion: This treatment uses a unique tool that creates friction to remove the top layers of skin, just like a sander removes the top layers of wood.
  • Microdermabrasion: Like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion takes off the top layer of skin with a particular machine.
  • Laser resurfacing: The scarred collagen under the skin is heated by a laser. This relies on the body’s ability to heal wounds to make healthy new collagen. This helps new skin grow to replace the old one. 

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