Stretch Marks Removal: How Can You Get Real Results?

Stretch Marks Removal Before & after Treatment in Idaho Falls, ID By Bella Jade Medspa

When searching for non-surgical solutions to improve the appearance of stretch marks, some procedures can help give you accurate results. Treatments like the Scarlet SRF and CosmoPen can be safe and effective procedures for stretch marks reduction. Fully customized treatment protocols help leave you with beautifully smooth and supple skin and astounding results you’ll love!

Today, let’s learn more about stretch marks removal, some effective treatments for this concern, and how you can get actual results in no time.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks removal involves stretch marks. These long, narrow lines on the skin usually develop from weight changes over our lifespans. New stretch marks can either be red or pink, while older ones can and typically appear very pale, almost blending into our skin. Stretch marks removal eliminates these lines, stripes, or streaks on the skin – some even call them “tiger stripes.” Identifying and diagnosing these issues for stretch mark removal can be done independently with the help of skin specialists. Through their support, when you have stretch marks, you’ll know what to do with their professional assistance.

Where Do Stretch Marks Form?

Stretch marks can come in any form on almost any body part. Where there is skin, there are potentially stretch marks that can appear. However, some areas of the body are even more susceptible to forming stretch marks. Stretch marks removals can treat the following:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Thighs

How Common are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are prevalent and are considered “normal” for the skin. Most significantly, stretch marks form during puberty. Approximately 80% of Americans have stretch marks and undergo stretch mark removal. Even celebrities are not immune to these skin issues. A-listers such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Hudson have all been honest and vocal about their stretch mark removal concerns in the media.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks form in the first place because, while the skin is relatively elastic and able to heal, rapid stretching can disrupt its production of collagen, a protein responsible for supporting skin structure. Disruption of collagen production makes the skin lose its elasticity and becomes overstretched. During this period is when stretch marks become visible. Simply put, stretch marks form from too much skin stretching. As to what results from stretch marks, several factors can contribute to the development of these lines on the skin, including:

  • Increase in muscle size
  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Side effects of medication
  • Weight gain

Can Stretch Marks Go Away Naturally?

For some people, stretch marks fade naturally. Minor stretch marks can occur due to puberty. However, most stretch marks do not naturally go away even after a long time. Others have new-looking stretch marks for years, even decades. Moderate-to-severe stretch marks would already require stretch marks removal.

Finding the Right Treatment for You

Finding the proper stretch mark removal treatment is something you don’t have to do alone. Because different treatments can help reduce or remove stretch marks, it’s always best to ask skin professionals before deciding what procedure will work best for your particular case.

Certified cosmetic physicians can examine your skin’s condition and quickly help determine the stretch marks removal treatment that will work the best for you. However, although there are several treatments for removing stretch marks, many professionals across the board agree that the most reliable therapies are the Scarlet SRF and CosmoPen.

Scarlet SRF

Microneedling and Radiofrequency

  • Enhances the skin health and beauty
  • Groundbreaking Microneedling RF technology for dramatic stretch marks reduction.
  • Increases skin dentistry
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Treats all skin types
  • Tightens, firms, and lifts, smoothing away stretch marks
  • Virtually no discomfort, downtime, or side effects

How Does Scarlet SRF Reduce Stretch Marks?

Scarlet SRF is an FDA-approved anti-aging and skin-tightening solution for stretch mark removal. This innovative microneedling technique uses an SRF or short-pulse radio frequency device, considered one of the safest and most effective RF systems in today’s cosmetic market. It treats all skin types with minimal to no downtime or side effects.

Scarlet SRF administers RF energy underneath superficial layers of the skin using specialized microneedles. This stretch marks removal procedure remodels collagen and elastin, eventually increasing the skin’s density. This treatment is proven to safely repair, tighten, lift, and smoothen away undesirable stretch marks, simultaneously improving the skin’s tone and texture. Scarlet SRF reconnects all restored essential components towards younger-looking skin for optimal and overall dermal health.

What is the Na Effect?

What sets Scarlet apart from other Stretch marks removal procedures is its patented “Na Effect.” Focused, independent tissue coagulation around each microneedle allows the RF energy to be used to its full potential. Meanwhile, other RF devices produce a widespread area of coagulation, leading to ineffective treatment. Scarlet delivers state-of-the-art stretch marks removal and overall skin treatment and cares with unparalleled comfort and patient satisfaction.


Next-Generation Microneedling Technology

  • A groundbreaking medical-grade, high-speed microneedling system!
  • Activates the body’s wound healing properties
  • Addresses a range of skin conditions
  • Enhances the skin’s overall health
  • It helps naturally induce collagen production
  • Increases blood supply to the treated area
  • It offers the same results as fractional lasers without pain, downtime, or thermal damage.
  • Plumps and thickens the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks

How Does the Cosmo Pen Reduce Stretch Marks?

CosmoPens are medical-grade, high-speed microneedling and Stretch mark removal devices that deliver similar results to fractional lasers. The only difference? You can experience everything without pain, downtime, expense, or thermal damage.

This stretch marks removal treatment is also known as collagen induction therapy, an innovative procedure that involves creating controlled, non-thermal micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. Our bodies respond by increasing their collagen and elastin production, consequently plumping and thickening our skin. This step helps smoothen away stretch marks and improves most skin texture concerns.

CosmoPen microneedling increases the formation of new tissue by activating our skin’s natural response to wound healing. This non-ablative stretch marks removal treatment addresses different skin conditions and enhances the skin’s health and natural beauty all at the same time. Furthermore, the microchannels produced through this microneedling process allow topical skin care products to penetrate more readily, maximizing their benefits!

How to Get Real Results from Stretch Mark Removal

Initially, the question many patients have about stretch mark removal is the effectiveness of the treatment. Maybe some of us are skittish because of failed promises from over-the-counter products that promise to reduce the appearance of scars, but it’s still a wise question to ask.

Can you get actual results with laser stretch mark treatment? The short answer is yes, you can. The lengthy solution involves finding the proper treatment that will work for you, your skin type, and the severity of your stretch marks.

Final Takeaways

Stretch marks removal is today’s modern approach to stretch marks’ unwanted and undesirable appearance. Consult skin professionals to determine if these procedures can also work best for your particular skin issues and concerns.

Do you want to experience stretch mark removal? Our awesome friends at Bella Jade Medspa can help you today. Visit them now!


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