What Is The Best Method For Hair Restoration?

What Is The Best Method For Hair Restoration

Nearly two-thirds of males will have visible hair loss by age 35, and that percentage rises to 85% by age 50. Women make up about half of the hair loss patients in the United States, so it’s not just males who are impacted. With rates like those, it’s clear why so many individuals are looking for effective hair loss treatments.

Hair restoration treatments are available at Bella Jade Medspa for men and women who struggle with hair loss. We are happy to provide Scarlet SRF and hair restoration using growth factors extracted from your blood for naturally beautiful outcomes. Before we get into how they work, let’s look at some things first.

What causes hair loss?

While it might be upsetting to see your hair clogging the shower drain and to brush long hair every day, hair fall is typical. Given that we lose at least 80 strands daily, it is reasonable to expect to find many hair strands scattered throughout your home. However, anything noticeably higher than this can be impacted by specific triggers. Therefore, it’s critical to understand why.

  • Hair loss due to genetics. This form of hair loss, the most prevalent cause globally, affects both men and women. It is known as male pattern hair loss in males. Female pattern hair loss affects women. Regardless of whether it occurs in men or women, the medical word for it is androgenic alopecia.

Whatever term you use means that you have genes that cause the sacs in your scalp that each hair originates from to constrict and eventually stop growing hair. Thinning often starts later in life. However, it can begin as early as your teen years.

  • Hair loss due to Alopecia Areata. The condition known as alopecia areata is brought on when the body’s immune system targets the hair follicles responsible for holding the hair in place. You might lose hair anywhere on your body, including your scalp, the inside of your nose, and your ears.
  • Hair loss due to cancer treatments. Within a few weeks of starting chemotherapy or radiation treatment for your head or neck, you can lose the majority of your hair.
  • Hair loss is brought on by pregnancy, disease, or other factors. You might detect a considerable increase in hair fall a few months after giving birth, getting better from a condition, or having surgery. It may also occur after a difficult moment, such as an unanticipated event that makes you anxious.
  • Hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. A common cause of this imbalance is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Other symptoms, such as hair loss, result in cysts on a woman’s ovaries. A transient hormonal imbalance might result from stopping several birth control pill types. Women with hormonal imbalances may experience hair loss or thinning on their scalps.

Now that we’ve covered the most common reasons people experience hair loss let’s look into hair restoration treatments available to address them.

What are the best methods for hair restoration?


One of the safest skin and hair restoration RF systems now on the market is Scarlet SRF (short pulse radio frequency). The “Na Effect,” which distinguishes this ground-breaking technology, causes focused, independent tissue coagulation around each of the device’s microneedle electrodes, enabling RF energy to its fullest extent. It is in contrast to other devices, which result in a wide area of coagulation, resulting in less effective treatments.

Through its specialist microneedles, Scarlet’s scalp therapy mode delivers RF energy beneath the skin’s surface layers, tightening the skin on the scalp and enhancing its health. The countless micro-injuries promote the body’s natural healing process and encourage new hair growth.

In situations of hair loss, the dermal papilla, or stem cells in hair follicles, are stimulated by scarlet SRF microneedling to boost growth factors. The notion is that by inflicting microscopic wounds, the body’s innate defenses would promote healing and, eventually, new hair growth to assist in reversing hair loss.

Here are what you can expect from this hair restoration treatment:

  • utilizes the body’s healing mechanisms
  • stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin
  • enhances the condition of the scalp without using harsh chemicals
  • permits more PRF penetration for the most significant advantages.
  • There is hardly any discomfort or downtime.


The second generation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), is injected into the skin to revitalize it. Your blood and a fibrin protein matrix are used to create PRF injections. Once harvested, it becomes a gel containing a significant amount of white blood cells, fibrin, and stem cells (growth factors).

Similar to a standard blood test, the patient’s blood is drawn to acquire PRF. A centrifuge is then used to separate it. The patient’s scalp will be numbed with a topical anesthetic lotion. At the same time, the blood is processed, making the procedure almost painless.

After the serum has been separated, it will be carefully injected into the scalp’s thinning or balding areas. The patient can leave when the treatment is finished and resume regular daily activities immediately.

What to expect from this hair restoration procedure is as follows:

  • utilizes the body’s inherent healing capabilities
  • stimulates the synthesis of collagen and tissue regeneration
  • stimulates hair follicles, increasing their size and health
  • reduces, prevents, and even stops hair loss
  • Minimal to no pain or discomfort

Work with a qualified specialist for your hair restoration treatment.

If you have concerns about hair loss, we recommend you consult your doctor before the situation worsens. Talking to an expert is crucial for two key reasons. First, if you wait too long, you can take advantage of preventative measures while they are still effective. Second, utilizing questionable items will probably lose money that might have been used to buy a solution supported by science.

At Bella Jade Medspa, we have a team of professionals specializing in hair restoration. We can provide you with the best results possible in a secure setting. Working with a practitioner who knows how to restore a fuller head of hair that appears natural will ultimately determine how well you feel, how comfortable you are, and how your hairline looks.

Contact us today to learn more about our hair restoration treatments!


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